Il Rubino Infuria Nero e Bianco

My name is Frank J. Henley. I am a fine art photographer. There are a wide variety of styles and themes for my photos. I live in Southern Nevada and specialize in landscapes and objects relative to the lifestyle here. I am a multi-media photographer, utilizing any photographic tool at my disposal to capture my images, from digital to large format film. One of my favorite styles is what I call 'photographic impressionism'. I use both, digital and analog (film), to create creative blurring, double exposures, and antique looking images. Often my images are composites, relating more to the emotive than the subject matter itself. Many of my images are 'decisive moment'. Those images are moments in time that will not reoccur.

You have a choice of dozens of size and media combinations to suit your budget. These images are optimized for 13x19 prints. Although many will print larger, consider the viewing distance before ordering larger prints.The lab that prints my photos uses the utmost quality and archival means, so that your investment will last for generations.

Debbie Henley edits video and does transfers between several common media types, such as VHS to DVD. Contact us for quotes.